My Year with Single Length Irons- Year’s End

It’s rare that I last a whole year without making major changes to my clubs, but this year I did.  In fact, I even am using both the single length sand and lob wedges now- which I never thought would happen.

My handicap is 5.1 which is where I had hoped it would would be at this time and the gaps I had hoped for with the irons were mostly realized.  I struggled with the 5 and 6 irons- both with solid contact and with trajectory.  Recently, however, I have felt more comfortable hitting them and trajectory has been higher.

Consistency is supposed to be the primary reason for single length irons and I can’t say that I have found that. My iron game has been up and down over the year, much like it usually is.  The single length concept really doesn’t make a difference for me.  It’s not a liability either.  It really doesn’t matter much.  The design and feel of the irons is more important.  My Cobras feel great when struck well and generally I like them.

If someone gave me $1000 to spend on a new set of irons, would I buy a single length set again?  Probably not.   Because I don’t see much difference playing single length., I would prefer to have the wide selection of regular iron sets to choose from. That being said, I will keep my Cobras through the year- because I don’t have $1,000 (or even $500) to spend on a new set.

So the Cobras will make the trip to Scotland this summer- but that’s a post for another day. For now, there is so much snow and that snow has to go!


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