I live in southwest Virginia and play on a beautiful “links style” course carved around the New River, the Pete Dye River Course of Virginia Tech.  I didn’t play my first round on a true links course until I was in my fifties.  Later, I became an overseas member of the Belmullet Golf Club that plays at Carne Golf Course in the far west of County Mayo, Ireland.  I decided to start this blog to chronicle this part of my life- the part that centers around golf in general (which I have played since I was 12) and links golf in particular.



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  1. Hi
    Just wondering how the game is going with the Cobras. I have only played a few rounds with mine. Biggest adjustment is just getting use to a shorter 4 and 5 Iron. But I am liking them. I don’t think I’m anywhere near the point you are at so I’m curious to know if there is anything new. Hope all is well.


    • Hi Patrick,
      Let me start by saying that my handicap has gone up recently. I seem stuck in the low 80’s. I used to always shoot a round in the mid 70s now and again and that helped keep my handicap around 5. I am now at 7 and on my way to 8. Yet I continue to like the Cobras and really place the source of my mediocre game on bad chipping and putting. I stopped using my trusty Scratch 60 degree wedge for chipping and tried to go the full monty by using a matching forged Cobra one length lob wedge. I can’t say it was very good around the green. When I went back to the Scratch wedge I seemed to have lost the touch.

      I am fine with the shorter 5&6 irons (don’t have a 4), but still have problems hitting them as consistently as my 8 iron. Golf is a weird game. They are all the same length, but my brain seems not to be able to process that! I put a 3 hybrid back into the bag and am thinking of dropping the 60 degree Cobra and replacing it with a 64 degree Callaway wedge. I’ll let you know how that works.

      Glad you are liking yours. How are the distances and gapping for you?


      • Hi Craig
        I’m only playing the 4-8 iron in one length. Spec wise it is like your 5 to 9. And I am also having some problems with the 4i. It’s the same length and swing weight as the others but I seem to try and hit it harder. I will get it soon I think. Distances and gaps seem good. Just haven’t got enough golf in to know exactly what they are. Slow start to the season here.
        I look forward to hearing how you manage the wedges. In the future I want to go try a set from say 4-pw, gw. Not sure I could do the sw, lw. But would like to hear how others like them.


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