Caddies and Such

Caddies should be bag carriers and club-cleaners.  Playing golf for a living involves a lot of work and it’s fine with me that professional golfers don’t carry their own bags.  I could point out that they did in college and the vast majority of us still do.  But I digress…  Golf is an individual sport (most of the time) and requires a number of skills, both physical and mental. Why do professional golfers have people that help them line up putts, tell them exact yardages to “the freckle on the nose of the woman in the green shirt next to the bunker on the left” and give them on-course therapy sessions when things get rough?  Why shouldn’t one part of the skill of becoming a golfer be to accurately estimate yardages?  Any player looking at a book full of notes about how the ball breaks at 4:30 after a soft rain in early September should be disqualified. It’s like cheating on a big test. Oh, I forgot.  Many athletes do that routinely anyway. The knowledge that a player has of a course should come from walking it themselves and playing it.  It should not come from a “team” of experts paid to make it easier for the pro to play the game.


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