Vintage Steel Shoot Out! Round #2

Wilson Staff Dynapower Fluid Feel (1965)

5 iron Length: 38″ SW: D9  TW: 437 grams Loft: Flex: Stiff


Weather: breezy, 41*

I described the front 9 of my home course in the first post, so I’ll just summarize the results here.

The yellow ball won by three strokes over the orange ball: 41-44.  The difference came from a pulled 7 iron to the par 5 3rd that cost the orange ball a bogey, a three putt on the par 3 5th that cost the orange ball a double, and a birdie on the 9th for the yellow ball.

Overall I didn’t like these irons as much as the previous McGregors. That surprised me, as I usually like Wilson irons.  I think the difference is that these irons had shipped long (38″ 5 iron) and the swingweight was a whopping D9. I suspect that made them feel heavy and a bit unwieldy.  As I got used to them, I did hit them better. The thing with these old blades is that misses cost you a bit.  If you are a confident chipper, that may not matter too much.  If not, you will lose strokes.

I had 3 three putt greens this round using my regular putter which was very annoying, including two bogeys on the par three 7th after hitting almost identical nice shots to the middle of the green.  Somehow I managed to three putt both balls!


Total Score: 85


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