My Year with Single Length Irons- Part 3: Arrival!

I got an e-mail from Cobra telling me my F7s were on the way.  As always happens, they were due to arrive one day after I left for a week of golf at Hilton Head with my friend Peter who generously offered me a bedroom in the condo where he was staying.  By the way, Hilton Head is a great place to go in early February.  I suppose you risk some bad weather, but it was nice enough to play golf almost every day and the island was blissfully uncrowded.

Anyway, the long drive back was made easier by the anticipation of opening the box from Cobra when I got home.  Here are some pictures:

dscf1404 dscf1403 dscf1402 dscf1393 dscf1392 dscf1391dscf1390

I give Cobra credit for getting all the wing weights between D0.5 and D1.5.  That is far better quality control than many new clubs I have measured. Fortunately, the lengths were all the same as well. I guess it would be embarrassing to see single length irons and not be able to measure and cut accurately. I can’t measure lie angles, so I will assume the clubs came bent 3 degrees up as requested.  The only glitch was in the actual length of the irons. I had asked them to come +1/4 inch which would make them 37.5 inches.  My Golfsmith club measuring device (you sole the middle of the iron on a moveable metal plate and then measure the tip of the grip) showed them to be 37.25 inches. Could be we just measure clubs differently.  No big deal.  Love the bright blue Lamkin grips.

Next: First time on the course..


3 thoughts on “My Year with Single Length Irons- Part 3: Arrival!

  1. I noticed something in one of the images of your new irons. Are the shafts tipped differently from the low to high irons? Or am I seeing this wrong? I saw these irons at GolfTown but never noticed that.


    • I looked at a set this weekend and it appears they do tip them differently. I was going to soft step my 4 and 5 irons and everything I read said that isn’t what they do. Cobra has a lot more technology in their SL irons than other builders. I am interested to know if there is a noticeable difference in how the low irons feel compared to the wedges.


      • Hi Patrick,
        You are very observant. They are tipped differently. The PW, GW and SW are tipped the same, but as you go down from the PW, each is tipped differently. I assume this is to help even out trajectory across the set. Longer irons are tipped less to launch a bit higher? That would be my guess, nut I am no expert in these things. I’ll comment on feel in further posts.


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